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Top five storage channel tips of 2007

Read our five most popular tips of the year so far to learn more about Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI SAN storage, capacity planning, compression and deduplication tools and more.

These five tips have been our most popular of the year so far. Storage channel professionals, revisit these tips, or read them for the first time, to learn more about Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI SAN storage, storage capacity planning, compression and depuplication tools and more.

  • Choosing a Fibre Channel array or iSCSI SAN storage for SMBs: Choosing a Fibre Channel array over an iSCSI storage system SAN requires resellers and customers to carefully compare the storage area network technologies. This tip discusses iSCSI and Fibre Channel side by side.

  • Storage capacity planning: Managing storage inventory: Proper storage capacity planning will save your clients money on underutilized storage hardware. Get help providing services to manage storage inventory.

  • Moving Microsoft Exchange databases to address storage issues: If and when a Microsoft Exchange database outgrows its allocated storage space, your customers will be faced with a number of storage management problems. Get insights on how to best move an Exchange database from one storage system to another.

  • Selling iSCSI SAN storage or Fibre Channel arrays to SMBs: The iSCSI storage systems or Fibre Channel array debate in the SAN market is full of small considerations that contribute to what is best for any SMB. These are some of the considerations that a VAR should be aware of.

  • Storage compression and data deduplication tools: Storage compression and data deduplication tools and techniques allow you to reduce the amount of storage required to meet customer needs. Consider your storage compression options with this tip.
  • Dig Deeper on Primary and secondary storage

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