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Top five networking service provider tips of 2007

The top networking service provider tips of 2007 are routing protocols and designing a campus LAN. Network service providers were also hungry for information on assigning and subnetting IP addresses and troubleshooting a Windows network. Check out the top five network security tips of 2007.

Choosing a routing protocol and designing a campus LAN were the topics networking service providers were thinking about in 2007. Troubleshooting a Windows network, IP addressing and subnetting were the other issues that were top of mind for readers this year. Check out the top five networking tips of 2007 chosen by you, the readers.

TIP #1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IP address planning: Choosing a routing protocol
Choosing the appropriate routing protocol is critical to an IP addressing plan. This tip explores the parameters used to evaluate the suitability of a routing protocol. The different characteristics of IP routing protocols are described along with the operation of industry standard protocols such as Routing Information Protocol and Open Shortest Path First.

TIP #2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Designing a campus LAN
Explore the issues encountered with campus LAN design, including the techniques for ensuring a scalable and resilient campus network design.

TIP #3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Troubleshooting domain controllers on a Windows network
Check out the common causes for login issues and domain management trouble, and offers advice to systems integrators and network consultants for optimizing domain controllers.

TIP #4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IP addressing and subnetting: FAQs
IP addressing and subnetting can be confusing if you haven't worked with them in awhile. If a customer needs your expertise in these areas, consider these FAQs as a refresher course.

TIP #5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Assigning an IP address ending in .0 or .255
Subnetting and IP addressing can be difficult if you don't understand network theory. This tip explains the network theory behind IP addressing so that you can understand why, in most cases, IP addresses shouldn't end in .0 or.255.

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