The top five data theft protection tools for solution providers

Find out what five products top the list of the best tools for helping customers handle data theft protection, whether the data is in transit or at rest.

Solution provider takeaway: Storage solution providers who handle archival for customers can extend their offerings to include data theft protection using one of the tools that made it onto our list of the top five.

What happens when data leaks? More to the point, what happens when intruders get access to your customers' proprietary data? In many cases, the impact on a business literally can be lethal. And as business increasingly focuses on intellectual property as the basis for revenue generation, preventing data leakage will become even more important.

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Enterprises assess channel partner value on the degree to which they address operational concerns, so addressing the issue of data theft is one of the key developing opportunities for the channel. But how can you address this need? Data protection and theft prevention for archival data -- whether in transit or at rest -- is one way. Protecting data in transit involves providing more than basic security and encryption, while protecting data at rest is more often a process of managing access. Since there's a good chance you're already providing the archival storage service, adding theft prevention to the equation can be a significant differentiator.

The following tools represent some of the best ways to add this capability to your storage offering. Although an exhaustive list of such technology would require a book, these five, arranged in alphabetical order, top the list for value and ease of use in a channel setting.

  • FalconStor Continuous Data Protector is a data recovery solution offered as a software application, appliance or virtual appliance. Delivering real-time data backup and recovery across a network, it is offered to channel partners under an EZStart program that provides the basic software infrastructure to build and deliver storage solutions to enterprise and SMB customers. Although intended for enterprises that need to securely back up data both within the data center as well as between the data center and remote sites, it also enables you to offer backup solutions to enterprises built on your own storage facilities.

  • McAfee Data Loss Prevention is an application that prevents sensitive information leakage from enterprise networks and storage environments. Although this solution is designed to enable enterprises to prevent leakage, it also can provide a foundation for theft prevention for the solution providers that offer off-site archival storage solutions. It's easy to implement and has a well-developed channel support process behind it.

  • PKWare PartnerLink is a software solution that is perfect for channel partners who provide archival storage and who wish to set up trusted linkages to customer data centers.. It encrypts and compresses data to guard against interception or compromise. Implemented as a gateway application, it requires a full licensed implementation on the archival storage system and a downloadable abbreviated version on the remote system. Once installed, the security of the link can be controlled from the partner's location and can be made completely invisible to the enterprise user. Although PartnerLink is easy to use, it is a fairly powerful and cost-effective way to secure data in transit.

  • RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite provides a comprehensive collection of data security, data audit and access tools that enable protection of data at the data center, network and user endpoint. The suite, comprised of RSA DLP Datacenter, RSA DLP Network and RSA DLP Endpoint, provides a basic platform for securing your data storage offerings as well as providing a basis for your enterprise managed solutions.

  • Websense's Content Protection Suite provides a number of tools as well as an online service that can be integrated into your storage offerings to secure access and prevent corruption of enterprise data. The beauty of these applications is that they scale from very small implementations to extremely large ones. This gives you the potential to address the needs of SMBs as well as enterprises and provides a logical evolution path for services that can range from basic off-site management to on-site management.

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