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Security Channel Forecast: How to succeed in 2007

There will always be a need for security, but that doesn't mean value-added resellers and systems integrators can remain stagnant and expect to succeed. Analysts and expert contributors shed light on security trends for the New Year.

Value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators and consultants specializing in security have the peace of mind of knowing that their services will be needed as long as there are end users and malicious outsiders. Just what shape or form these measures will take is a different story. The editors of asked analysts and contributors to share their thoughts on how the security channel will have to adapt to meet customers' changing needs in 2007, because one thing we can all agree upon is that end users and malicious outsiders will continue to put networks at risk in the coming year.

What is your business strategy for the New Year? Let us know how we can help you meet your goals in the coming year.

  • Analysts predict 2007 will be a tough year for the channel
    2007 will bring a shift to software as a service and an increased demand for managed services, requiring VARs and systems integrators to refocus their business models from hardware sales to consulting.

  • Four focus areas will help security VARs' profits soar in 2007
    Security analyst Mike Rothman of Security Incite sheds light on the four areas security VARs should focus on during the
    2007 Security hot spots
    Identity theft and data security

    Endpoint compliance
    coming year based on the market consolidation and continuing spyware threats experienced in 2006.

  • 2007 security outlook for SMBs
    VARs and systems integrators are in a prime position to take advantage of the heightened awareness of SMB security issues. This tip sheds light on the specific issues SMBs will face in 2007 and the opportunities they create for the channel.

  • Vista and Longhorn training and certification
    The advantages of upgrading to Vista and Longhorn, including improved security, will drive the need for channel professionals to acquire training and certification in the new Microsoft OS and server in 2007.

  • 2007 Looks bright for full disk encryption
    Given the myriad cases of data theft in 2006, chances are customers will be looking for a way to protect sensitive data on corporate laptops. Channel professionals can meet this need with full disk encryption offerings.

  • Zero-day threats, compliance and data protection tools dominate in '07
    More of the same in 2007 should keep security channel professionals on alert -- and in business.

  • Dig Deeper on MSPs and cybersecurity

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