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Reviews of Prevx1, Sophos Endpoint Security and NetChk Protect 5.5

If you are looking for possible solutions to a customer's virus, worm and Trojan attacks, read these reviews on three malware research, antispyware/patch management and endpoint security products.

Malware research has become increasingly important in hardening your customer's network againt attacks from viruses, worms, Trojans and other types of malicious code. These reviews from Information Security magazine look at policy control, configuration/management, effectiveness, and the reporting capabilities of Prevx1, Sophos Endpoint Security and NetChk Protect 5.5 to provide value-added resellers (VARs) and consultants with the facts they'll need to make an educated decision about which tools meet their customers' needs.

Prevx's Prevx1
Prevx's Prevx1 Review
December 2006

Malware continues to assault our corporate desktops and laptops with rapidly emerging and varying threats. In this climate, behavioral detection tools like Prevx1 offer an extra layer of protection in the crowded endpoint security market.

Prevx1's "signatures" are based on how malware behaves -- not on an exact pattern match used in conventional products -- which helps it detect variants and new malware threats.

Learn which of your customers can benefit from Prevx1.

Sophos Endpoint Security
Sophos Endpoint Security Review
October 2006

Securing an enterprise against Internet threats is difficult enough without having to deploy and manage separate security applications for each emerging problem.

Sophos Endpoint Security provides a single enterprise-wide interface for deploying and managing Sophos Antivirus 6.0 and Sophos Client Firewall. In the meantime, the latest version of Sophos' antivirus tool has been bolstered with the ability to recognize and block the execution of spyware.

Get the basics about Sophos Endpoint Security, and find out whether or not it makes sense for your customers' needs.

Shavlik Technologies NetChk Protect 5.5
Shavlik Technologies NetChk Protect 5.5 Review
April 2006

Shavlik Technologies' NetChk Protect 5.5 is a unique combination of security tools. It integrates HFNetChk-Pro, the company's flagship patch management product, with its NetChk Spyware antispyware module in a single management console. The result is a smooth path for existing customers who want to add antispyware capabilities, and new customers who can fill two needs in one purchase. But there are some catches.

NetChk Protect works only with Windows machines (it supports Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 Server), which is fine for many shops, but a big red flag to larger, heterogeneous enterprises, particularly for patch management. Also, while NetChk Protect may reduce the chaos on your enterprise network, it won't eliminate it.

See whether NetChk Protect will be a useful and effective tool for managing Windows patches and keeping spyware at bay .

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