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Red Hat Enterprise Linux partner program

Learn more about the Red Hat Enterprise Linux partner program in this tip.

Red Hat clearly has the largest market share compared to Novell or any other Linux provider.The company offers a global, two-tiered channel business partner program and recently expanded its global channel programs, which enables motivated partners to develop deeper relationships with their customers and help take advantage of open source opportunities by providing prospects to channel partners all over the world.

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Red Hat offers third-party Linux apps via Red Hat Exchange (RHX) Web portal

The Red Hat Advanced Business Partner Program is for value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators at the high end of the scale. It requires an annual revenue commitment from member partners, as well as other technical and sales requirements, including maintaining an approved number of Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) on staff. Free technical training and certification credits are offered to Advanced Business Partners in the form of two free seats in any RHCE track four-day or five-day training course. Red Hat also provides log usage rights, marketing plans and sales support, as well as unlimited access to Red Hat's partners' portal, which includes a comprehensive library of marketing, sales and pre-sales information, as well as a potpourri of technical information.

How Red Hat and SUSE Linux partner programs compare
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