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Print server administration: Expert pointers

Printer server management runs the gamut from tackling connection problems to resolving security and application compatibility issues. This excerpt provides advice from our sister site expert advisers.

IT Reseller Takeaway: Industry experts from our sister site tackle printer server management questions ranging from remote installation to security in a compilation of Q&As. Learn more about how to troubleshoot print server issues and keep your printer services running smoothly in this excerpt. member: How do I add a network printer to all users on a Win2k Pro PC -- without deleting user profiles?

Serdar Yegulalp: One way to do this is to add a command for all users when they log on, along the lines of net use lpt2: servernameprinter /persistent:no, which will add the network printer automatically at logon. member: How can I let users install local printers and scanners on their systems? I have checked all the regular security settings and they are disabled locally and domain-wide. The power users group does not have this right in Windows 2000 Pro either (no matter what Microsoft says). A good 40% of my users are remote and they really need to be able to install those to pieces of hardware.

Roberta Bragg: Knowledge Base article 449338, Cannot install language monitor-based printer driver as a power user comments on your power user issue and suggests using PrintUI to push the installation of the driver remotely. KB article 189105 How to add printers with no user interaction in Windows explains how to do so in a login script. When users remotely connect, authenticate and read the script, the driver should install. This article is about how to write a script to install printers.

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Printer management best practices in Oracle E-Business Suite member: We have a domain group that is inserted in the local administrator group of our Windows 2000 Professional machines through group policy objects (GPOs). If a member of this group adds a new network printer, other domain users that log onto this machine cannot see the printer at all -- neither in the printers screen nor in any printer selection list in any desktop software (like Microsoft Word, for instance). But if the local administrator account adds this printer, everyone can see it. What may be wrong? Is there any registry key or profile information that I can set properly?

James Michael Stewart: Perform a domain synchronization and force a machine refresh on each client using the "secedit //refreshpolicy machine_policy //enforce" command. Be sure that the 'make this printer available to all users' option is checked. And make sure the security settings on the printer allow other users to access it and none of the printer-specific controls in the GPO (especially in the Security Options, User Rights and Administrative Templates sections) are incorrectly configured for your environment.

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