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PIX firewall configuration - Configuration


The configuration

When you boot up your PIX firewall for the first time, you should see a screen like this:

You will be prompted to answer YES or NO as to whether or not you want to configure the PIX through interactive prompts. Answer NO to this question because you want to learn how to really configure the PIX firewall, not just answer a series of questions.

After that, you will be sent to a prompt that looks like this:


With the "greater than" symbol at the end of the prompt, you are in the PIX user mode. Change to privileged mode with the en or enable command. Press "enter" at the Password prompt. Here is an example:

pixfirewall> en

You now have administrative mode to show things but would have to go into global configuration mode to configure the PIX.

Now, let's move on to basic configuration of the PIX:

PIX firewall configuration from scratch

 Step 1: The Basics
 Step 2: Guidelines
 Step 3: Configuration
 Step 4: PIX Configuration
 Step 5: Network Address Translation
 Step 6: Firewall Rules
 Step 7: Showing and Saving Configuration
David Davis
David Davis

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