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PIX 501 firewall configuration - Guidelines

Guidelines for configuring a PIX 501 firewall.

Before beginning the configuration, you have some guidelines that you need to follow. Here they are:

  • All passwords should be set to "cisco" (in reality, you make these whatever you want)
  • The inside network is with a subnet mask. The inside IP address for this PIX should be
  • The outside network is with a subnet mask. The outside IP address for this PIX should be
  • You need to create a rule to allow all inside users on the network to do port address translation and connect to the outside network. They will all share the global IP address
  • Users only need access to port 80 (Web browsing).
  • The default route for the outside (Internet) network will be

PIX firewall configuration

 Step 1: The basics
 Step 2: Guidelines
 Step 3: Configuration
 Step 4: PIX configuration
 Step 5: Network address translation
 Step 6: Firewall rules
 Step 7: Showing and saving configuration

David Davis
David Davis

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