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PIX 501 firewall configuration - Firewall rules

Despite having a NAT translation, users still need permission to utilize port 80 for Web browsing.

These clients on the inside network have a NAT translation, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are allowed access. They now need a rule to allow them to access the outside network (the Internet). That rule will also allow the return traffic to come back in.

To make a rule to allow these users port 80 (Web browsing), you would type this:

PIX1(config)# access-list outbound permit tcp any eq 80
PIX1(config)# access-group outbound in interface inside

Note that PIX access lists, unlike router access lists, use a normal subnet mask, not a wildcard mask.

With this access list, you have restricted the inside hosts to accessing Web servers only on the outside network (routers).

PIX firewall configuration

 Step 1: The basics
 Step 2: Guidelines
 Step 3: Configuration setup
 Step 4: PIX configuration
 Step 5: Network address translation
 Step 6: Firewall rules
 Step 7: Showing and saving configuration
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David Davis

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