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Oracle Database 11g comes through the channel

Oracle Database 11g is being sold through the channel almost exclusively. Database 11g won't mark any departure from that strategy.

Channel takeaway:'s sister site recently sat down with Charles Phillips, president of Oracle to discuss the recent release of Oracle's new database 11g. Phillips specifically discussed the channel's role in selling and distributing Database 11g. You've been developing a differentiated channel strategy with respect to your Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE) and Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) with regard to what the channel is going to be carrying to small and medium-sized companies. Can you tell me a little bit about how Database 11g now plays into all this?

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Charles Phillips: We'll build on the channel strategy we have in place. It's just extended to 11g. The way it works is today the channel, at least for the [high-volume] distributors, [is] mainly focused on SE1 and SE. Because of the packaging and the pricing for that market, that's appropriate. Now, today, they do have the right to sell Enterprise Edition, but in reality given the focus of their market, they don't do a lot of that. So, 90% of SE1 today goes through the channels. I would expect the same thing to happen with 11g. SE and SE1 will largely go through the channels and then the Enterprise Edition will probably be for high-end customers and go direct. But there's nothing prohibiting them from selling the high-end product, it's just not their natural space. There was a lot of talk about delivering Oracle Database 11g for Linux. What are your plans for a Windows version of 11g?

Phillips: We have to be very precise on versions that we can announce publicly. All we're announcing today is that Linux is shipping this quarter and we'll just come back to you on the other platforms.

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