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Oracle Database 11g: XML enhancements

Oracle Database 11g's XML enhancements are supposed to provide end users with easy access to data. Learn more about these enhancements in this excerpt from our sister site

IT Reseller Takeaway: The XML enhancments in Oracle's newest offering, Oracle Database 11g, are slated to make their latest DBMS upgrade end user-friendly with easy access to data through XML files. This excerpt from our sister site provides more information. Learn whether it's worthwhile for your customers to invest in Database 11g.

The latest version of Oracle's flagship database -- Oracle Database 11g -- includes a slew of new XML-related features and enhancements, an Oracle executive said.

The main XML upgrades in Database 11g focus on XML DB, Oracle's XML storage and retrieval technology. They include a new binary XML data type, a new XML index and enhanced support for XQuery and other emerging standards, said Willie Hardie, Oracle vice president of database product marketing.

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Oracle's database management system (DBMS) has long offered native XML support, meaning that XML data can be stored within the system itself in object-relational or character large object (CLOB) formats. Database 11g expands on this feature by adding the ability to store XML as a binary data type, Hardie said.

"What we're doing with 11g is giving customers more options in terms of how they want to store the data," he said.

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