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Open source router operation considerations

Value-added resellers (VARs) must decide how they will boot their customers' open source routers, and where they will store their configuration files.

Networking consultants using open source routers on their customers' networks have different hardware choices to consider. Deciding how to boot the devices and where to keep the configuration files are the two major considerations.


Open source routers: Booting tips and operational benefits

The software components that run routers made by the major network infrastructure vendors are separated into two main parts: the "image" and the "configuration." But administrators managing open-source software routers running on commodity PC and server equipment have an entirely different assortment of hardware at their disposal, such as CDs, floppies, hard drives and USB drives. In this tip, we look at some ways to duplicate the operational aspects of managing images and configurations we're accustomed to on the open-source platform. (If you're not familiar with open source routers, please visit XORP or Vyatta to learn more.)

Learn more about what value-added resellers and networking consultants working with open source routers have to look out for.

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