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Networking Channel Forecast: How to succeed in 2007

For networking VARs willing to provide services and/or expertise on upcoming technologies, 2007 will be ripe with opportunities.

For networking VARs willing to provide services and/or expertise on upcoming technologies, 2007 will be ripe with...

opportunities. editors gathered input from analysts and expert contributors to provide channel professionals with insight on where to focus their businesses to best meet customers' needs and make 2007 a profitable year.

What is your business strategy for the New Year? Let us know how we can help you meet your goals in the coming year.

  • Analysts predict 2007 will be a tough year for the channel
    While the software market will be amongst the strongest areas of IT in 2007, declining hardware prices and increased demand for managed services could pose a challenge for resellers who focus on systems integration or who use hardware
    2007 Networking hot spots
    Voice over IP

     Mobile networking

    Network security
    sales as the lead for solutions using custom software, networking or services packages.

  • VoIP, SaaS and virtualization among 2007's hottest trends
    TechTarget's former editor-in-chief Paul Gillin expounds on what 2006 has in store for IT. Networking channel professionals will be particularly interested in what Paul has to say about VoIP and virtualization.

  • The biggest mobile networking trends of 2007
    SearchNetworkingChannel expert Craig J. Mathias gives a heads up on how to leverage 2007's hottest communications technologies to help your customers improve the way they do business.

  • Services driven by the need for network security
    An increasing need for intrusion protection and network security expertise will keep services alive in 2007.

  • Customer concerns: Top 5 of 2006
    Find out what your potential customers were struggling with in 2006 so you can better serve them in the coming year.

  • This was last published in January 2007

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