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Network documentation: Top five tips for resellers and consultants

These top five tips are the most popular for network documentation. VARs can consult these tips for advice on topics from hardware and software inventories to network topology.

Network documentation is a vital first step in any network design or redesign project. While your well-meaning customers may assure you that their documentation is complete and current, it's unlikely that the documentation will have the specific information you need to successfully complete your project. As you go about the tedious task of network documentation, keep in mind our top five tips as determined by other networking service providers and consultants.


Network documentation: How to realize its benefits
Learn the many benefits of a complete network documentation and what to document so that you and your customer can reap those benefits.


Compiling a hardware and software inventory
Performing a network inventory is not a one-size-fits-all task. This tip helps you identify scope and choose a method (automated vs. manual) when performing an inventory of a customer network.


Assessing a customer's site: The value of a hardware/software inventory
Not convinced you need to spend valuable time (and money) on network documentation? This tip puts the task into perspective as it relates to your work as a VAR or systems integrator.


Network documentation and cable management
Documenting network administration is a vital but difficult process for VARs and consultants. Cable management software helps simplify the process.


Network topology rediscovered: NetworkView basics
This tip introduces network documentation tool NetworkView, to help consultants and VARs efficiently map, sort and monitor network conditions.

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