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Network-attached storage (NAS) hardware customization

Network-attached storage (NAS) gives VARs the opportunity to add flexibility to a customer's data storage system. By considering the needs of a customer and adding hardware and software accordingly, NAS can be a valuable data storage tool.

Channel takeaway: Network-attached storage (NAS) isn't a one size fits all data storage fix. VARs have the opportunity to customize NAS hardware and software to fit the exact needs of individual customers to eliminate data storage problems.

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NAS accessories can be used to enhance the I/O performance of existing NAS enabling you to protect your investment and utilize your equipment for longer periods of time or enhance service delivery. Similarly, when used for consolidation, NAS I/O acceleration can be used to reduce your electrical power consumption by using fewer storage devices while driving up capacity utilization and avoiding performance bottlenecks.

Something to watch out for, with regard to accessorizing your NAS, is how will the various solutions interoperate with each other. Also, consider what additional software, hardware, networks and professional services will be needed.

Another thing to consider is technology stacking and its impact on interoperability and transparency. For example, how do encryption, compaction and acceleration appliances, which may be in-band sitting in front or behind each other, scale in terms of performance, availability and ease of management.

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