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IPv6 security issues for solution providers

Widespread adoption of IPv6 may finally be imminent, but IPv6 security issues are plentiful. Guy Snyder of ICSA Labs discusses key IPv6 security threats and opportunities for security solution providers.

IPv6 has been around for years, but has risen to the top of many enterprises IT agendas recently as experts predict the Internet Protocol address space under IPv4 could run out in a matter of months. Even though its proponents claim IPv6 offers improved security, experienced network security guidance is needed to reap the benefits, and avoid falling victim to the IPv6 security holes that exist in some early IPv6-compatible products.

In this edition of's Patrolling the Channel podcast, Guy Snyder, ICSA Labs Secure Communications Program Manager, discusses when IPv4 addresses may run out, what the government is doing to foster IPv6 adoption and where the security-related IPv6 opportunities are for security solution providers.

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