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Green desktop strategies

Much green tech coverage focuses on data centers, but you can save energy on the client side, too. This webcast by channel expert Heather Clancy offers best practices to improve customers' green desktop profile.

Much ongoing green technology coverage and debate is focused on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in the data center. But there's plenty that can be done on the client side at customer sites, too. This webcast session, presented by channel expert Heather Clancy, highlights products and best practices that can improve a customer's green profile on the desktop. Among the topics considered are the role of power management software utilities, evolving power supply design and battery considerations, display technologies and the latest multicore microprocessors. Heather identifies sources of information for green best practices and certification information, such as the federal Energy Star program and EPEAT (Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool). Heather also considers whether or not the green movement will provide additional momentum for thin clients and desktop virtualization options.

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