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Five myths of PCI compliance

Despite the clarity of the PCI Data Security Standard, misconceptions about who the standard applies to and what it requires are not uncommon. Learn how to set the record straight for misinformed clients.

With high profile credit card breaches in the news such as the TJX debacle, the PCI Data Security Standard is top of mind for corporate IT executives. Unfortunately, with the buzz comes a new mythology. PCI is often misunderstood, causing confusion among those who must comply with the standard. This has resulted in numerous myths that value-added resellers (VARs) and service providers are likely to hear from clients. Let's look at five common myths surrounding PCI compliance to help you set the record straight.

Five myths of PCI compliance

  Introduction to the myths of PCI compliance
   Myth 1: PCI is hard
   Myth 2: PCI will make us secure
   Myth 3: Encryption is scary
   Myth 4: "I don't take enough credit cards…"
   Myth 5: Product X will make me compliant

 About the author
John Kindervag is a 20-year veteran of the high-technology world. He is the senior security architect for Vigilar Inc., where he helps corporations design secure networks and manages Vigilar's Vulnerability Assessment and Compliance Practice. Kindervag holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Iowa.

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