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Email archiving adoption considerations

Before you help a customer adopt an email archiving strategy and system, take these considerations into account.

Don't wait to adopt an email archive system

It's common for people to wonder if they need to wait to look at email archiving before they move to a new version of their email system. The answer is really "no." You should fully implement the current email archiving system before migrating a customer to a newer version, the reason being performance. When you create an email archive, you're moving a lot of the email content off email servers and onto archive servers. If that's already in place, when you migrate you generally have a lot less content on the email server that you need to migrate.

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Single-instance storage is a must-have

When evaluating email archive systems for customers, make sure it has the ability to create one copy of the email and attachment so that only one copy will reside in the archive. That way your customer could potentially save a great deal of storage space over time, and it's much easier for an archive system to track the lifecycle of a single instance.

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Don't overlook email metadata

Email normally has metadata associated with it. If a customer is sued, emails will be requested. Having metadata around the message or messages can prove that it's an original message, it came through a certain set of servers, it arrived at a specific time and the message was reviewed at a certain time -- all of this metadata usually helps to prove originality and immutability of the message. Be sure to archive the entire email.

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