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Delivering continuous data protection (CDP) services

Understanding continuous data protection (CDP) technologies early on gives VARs an advantage in the market before the technology becomes widely adopted. This guide will prepare you for your customers' CDP questions and challenges.

Continuous data protection (CDP) is starting to draw the attention of storage experts and vendors alike. Inherent to the technology is granular backup that can record individual changes to data in a system. But even more seductive is the capability to capture the disaster recovery and backup markets through one piece of technology.

VARs who work in this field would be well served to start keeping track of these CDP technologies. Some early adopters will provide the opportunity to get hands on training with CDP. But, as always, the more education VARs have, the better positioned they will be to serve the market once the technology explodes. This guide offers an overview of CDP technology and the basics to understanding it.


  • Immediate continuous data protection (CDP) opportunities for VARs
    The storage market is beginning to trend toward continuous data protection (CDP). While the technology may not catch on in 2007, in the coming years customers will recognize the need for CDP and begin to ask their VARs tough questions. Get a leg up by learning about this technology that will provide opportunity for continuous revenue streams.


  • CDP functionality basics
    Storage analyst Jerome Wendt discusses the affect CDP technology will have on the channel. Wendt also addresses the basic issues that must be confronted when VARs attempt to install and support a CDP system for their customers.


  • CDP overview
    Did the origins of CDP start with tape backup? Read about the origins of CDP in this comprehensive overview.


  • CDP requires a clear purpose in the enterprise
    Before a customer is prepared to install a new storage technology on their system they will want all the facts. VARs have the opportunity to position themselves as leading educators on CDP technology. This introduction to CDP is a good educational reference, while also acting as a guide for VARs who are looking to add CDP to a customer's business strategy.


  • CDP platform specifications
    Looking for a place to start researching the specifics of CDP technology? This buying guide breaks down individual vendors and the approach they offer for CDP.


  • Practical solutions for one-time data migrations
    Platform changes involve more than simply racking servers and installing operating systems. Don't miss out on these data migration and replication services opportunities.

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