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Data center migration quiz results: Forklift vs. swing

There are two possible approaches to a data center migration: forklifting the application hardware to its new location or using a "swing" approach, with an entirely new setup at the new location. Take our quiz to find out which method makes sense for your customers planning a data center migration.


If you answered A to all of the questions, you're a prime candidate for a swing move. These moves often take longer and require a higher initial investment but carry a much lower risk because application downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you answered B to all of the questions, you probably want to move forward with a forklift move but have to invest in some serious contingency planning to make sure that you address the possibility of excessive downtime.

If you answered C to all of the questions, you're a prime candidate for a forklift move. These moves take a lot of planning and orchestration but can be completed in weeks rather than months. These type of moves are ideal for nonproduction applications that have a high tolerance for downtime.

If your answers to the above questions are mixed, your situation requires further analysis to see how much risk the organization is willing to tolerate before you can determine whether you should swing or forklift.

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Shally Bansal Stanley is a managing director at Acumen Solutions Inc., a business and technology consulting firm with offices across the United States and in Europe. Shally is a recognized leader in data center solutions within the industry. She can be reached at

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