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Best of Patrolling the Channel: The year in review

In this special edition of Patrolling the Channel, we revisit some of the most popular podcasts of the year. Find out which editions of Patrolling the Channel made the cut.

As 2009 draws to a close, the editors of wanted to take a trip down memory lane to see which editions of the Patrolling the Channel podcast were the most popular with our readers.

In this special year-end edition of Patrolling the Channel, we revisit the podcasts of 2009 that resonated most with our readers, and highlight some of the most useful takeaways from each one.

If you'd like to listen to any of the full length editions of the podcasts referenced, please click the links at the bottom of this page, or visit the Patrolling the Channel blog.

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Full versions of the best of 2009 podcasts
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Mass. data protection law 201 CMR 17
How the stimulus package can help boost business
Security certifications in the channel
Offering a PCI pre-assessment service

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