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A cloud computing data security checklist for the channel

Beth Cohen, president of of Luth Computer Specialists, Inc., reviews a list of business, financial, legal and technical guidelines that solution providers can use to help customers secure their cloud computing implementations.

When dealing with an emerging technology like cloud computing, it's often difficult for channel professionals to find a collection of best practices and guidelines that can be used to secure their customers' implementations.

In this edition of "Patrolling the Channel," Beth Cohen, Cloud Security Alliance contributor and president of Massachusetts-based consultancy Luth Computer Specialists Inc., reviews clients' common pain points and reveals a list of security priorities that solution providers must address.

  • Business:: What are the vendor integration challenges? How important is data portability? Which data should remain in house?
  • Financial: Build it or buy it? What are the costs of data loss? What should make up a disaster recovery plan?
  • Legal and regulatory: Key regulations: HIPAA and state data protection laws
  • Technical: Authentication, data integrity, data flow and privacy assessment
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