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IT spending survey: Storage managers prioritizing data backup, additional capacity, DR

Find out what's IT spending survey reveals about which product categories are the most important in storage managers' IT purchasing plans for 2010, and which product categories are on the upswing.

By Rich Castagna, Editorial Director

The top three data storage priorities for 2010 are data backup (48%), adding capacity (37%) and disaster recovery (DR) (36%). This is according to enterprise data storage managers responding to's Storage Priorities for 2010 survey. In fact, in the three years we've fielded the IT spending survey, those have been among the top three priorities in storage managers' IT purchasing plans for each coming year. However, data deduplication for primary storage, solid-state storage and cloud storage are quickly gaining ground.

As storage managers begin to dig themselves out of a blizzard of lousy economic news, they're likely to find themselves facing the same capacity demands that shaped their IT purchasing plans before their budgets went into the deep freeze. They expect to add an average of 45 TB of new disk capacity this year, according to the survey. That's approximately 6 TB more than they anticipated adding a year ago when the economic repercussions were not yet fully felt.

Large and smaller businesses alike will feel the capacity crunch. Bigger organizations -- those with revenue exceeding $1 billion -- plan to add nearly 80 TB of fresh disk space, while companies with less than $100 million in revenue have budgeted for another 25 TB of capacity in their IT purchasing plans.

Storage budgets will grow -- modestly in many cases -- to help keep up with new capacity demands. Respondents to the IT spending survey indicate an overall average rise of 3.2% for their 2010 budgets compared with last year.

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