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Best tape backup solutions: Midrange and enterprise Quality Awards winners

Find out which vendor won both the midrange and enterprise categories in our latest reliability survey to find the best tape backup solutions on the market.

In our most recent Quality Awards service and reliability survey to find the best tape backup solutions in the midrange and enterprise markets, Spectra Logic Corp. brought home wins in both categories.

In the midrange tape backup solutions category, the qualifying competition included Dell Inc.’s PowerVault 124T/114T, TL4000/TL2000 or ML6000 Series; Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co.’s StorageWorks MSL Series; IBM’s System Storage TS3100/TS3200/TS3310; Sony (all models); as well as our readers’ choice for best tape backup system, Spectra Logic’s 20K/T24/T50.

In the enterprise tape backup solutions category, the qualifying entrants were HP’s ESL/EML Series, IBM’s TS3400 or TS3500, Oracle/Sun’s StorageTek SL500/SL3000/SL8500, Quantum Corp.’s Scalar i500/i2000/i6000 or PX720, and Spectra Logic’s 64K/T120/T200/T380/T680/T950 or T-Finity.

In this Quality Awards report on, read up on how the entrants in both tape backup solutions categories fared by initial product quality, features and functionality, reliability, support, and the all-important “buy again” satisfaction rating. And find out what sets the best tape backup systems winner, Spectra Logic, apart from its rivals.

This story was originally published in Storage magazine.

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