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iSCSI Study Guide

iSCSI is a popular storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities. Test your knowledge of the iSCSI terms you should know with this study guide.

The ability of iSCSI to manage voice and data storage over long distances has helped give birth to storage area networks (SANs) operating on local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and over the Internet. Think you know the key iSCSI-related terms? Find out, using our iSCSI Study Guide to test and bolster your knowledge.

  1. This is the major alternative to iSCSI on corporate SANs.
    What is it?

  2. This type of network is at the heart of every iSCSI SAN.
    What is it?

  3. Authentication is one of the major risks associated with iSCSI, and this is the other.
    What is it?

  4. Unlike iSCSI, this type of storage is bound to a single server.
    What is it?

  5. This type of network storage technology competes with SANs based on the iSCSI standard.
    What is it?

  6. Once the first products supporting this ship in 2009, this will be the third way, in addition to Fibre Channel and iSCSI, to connect a SAN's component drives.
    What is it?

  7. This kind of switch can better position a customer's iSCSI SANs for future network and storage growth.
    What is it?

  8. These have a payload larger than Ethernet's 1,500 bytes and have proven extremely effective at increasing throughput on iSCSI SANs.
    What are they?

  9. iSCSI typically has more of this than Fibre Channel, which some experts see as a barrier to enterprise adoption.
    What is it?

  10. If not done with discipline, this supporting aspect of an iSCSI deployment could pose problems in the long run.
    What is it?

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