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Study Guide: Storage virtualization

Test your knowledge of the terms you should know with this Study Guide on storage virtualization.

You know that storage virtualization can help your customers save money and tame unruly systems. But do you know enough to actually work with storage virtualization technology and bring in revenue from it? Use this Study Guide to test your knowledge.

  1. This term is the name given to the process of generalization to retain only information that is relevant for a particular purpose.
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  2. This is the term for the unique identifier used on a SCSI bus that enables it to differentiate between as many as eight devices.
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  3. This term applies to the creation of an abstraction layer between file servers and the clients that access those file servers. This layer allows a user to access a file without having to know where that file is stored in a computer.
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  4. This describes the mechanism that abstracts the logical presentation of storage from physical disks; it can concatenate, stripe together or otherwise combine partitions into larger virtual ones that can be resized or moved.
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  5. This term applies to a method of optimizing the efficiency with which available space is utilized in storage area networks (SANs) by allocating disk storage among multiple users. The method allocates space based on the amount needed by each user at any given time, minimizing inefficient use of storage space and keeping overhead low.
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  6. This term refers to a storage virtualization approach in which a device sits outside the data path between the host and storage, therefore requiring additional software in the host. This device can reduce bottlenecks -- however, it can also increase complexity.
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  7. This term applies to a storage virtualization approach in which the virtualization functionality sits between the host server and the storage device. It is flexible and easy to deploy but has potential for performance bottlenecks.
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  8. This term applies to a feature that allows a user to assign different World Wide Names (WWNs) to each virtual server and determine which applications run on specific hardware and when they run.
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