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Pop quiz: Channel partner basics

Test your knowledge of the basic terms you should be familiar with as a channel partner with this quick pop quiz.

How familiar are you with the basic terms used by channel partners and other members of the IT distribution channel? Whether you're a channel partner (value-added reseller, systems integrator or consultant) yourself, or you're new to the IT channel, this quiz will test your knowledge of the basic vocabulary.

  1. This contract specifies what services a network service provider will provide to a customer.
    What is it?

  2. This is a company that supplies equipment to other companies to resell or incorporate into other products, or a company that acquires a product or component and incorporates it into a new product.
    What is it?

  3. This feature of some vendors' channel programs allows a channel partner to inform the vendor about a lead, giving the partner priority for it.
    What is it?

  4. This term refers to any marketing-related activity intended to publicize availability of a vendor's product or service.
    What is it?

  5. This term refers to a company that makes and sells software products that run on one or more computer hardware or operating system platforms.
    What is it?

  6. This term, as used in managed services, is a process whereby a managed service provider (MSP) remotely monitors and administers hardware on a client's site on a subscription basis.
    What is it?

  7. This is a document that a company posts to elicit bids from potential vendors for a product or service.
    What is it?

  8. This is a business that builds computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors.
    What is it?

  9. This term describes a situation in which channel partners have to compete against one another or the vendor's internal sales department.
    What is it?

  10. This is an Internet service provider (ISP) that provides network security management services, such as virus blocking, firewalls and VPN management.
    What is it?

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