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Data Backup Study Guide Answer Key

Answers to the Data Backup Study Guide.

1. Data deduplication. For more information, see "Affordable tiered storage via data deduplication."

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2. Continuous data protection, or CDP. For more information, see "Delivering continuous data protection (CDP) services."

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3. Storage replication services. For more information, see "Data replication services well-suited to SMBs."

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4. Snapshot. For more information, see "How should snapshot overhead be determined?."

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5. Helical scan. For more information, see "Tape backup trends and technologies."

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6. Solid state storage. For more information, see "Tech Watch: Solid prospects for solid state storage drives."

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7. Serial ATA, or SATA. For more information, see "Mixed SAS and SATA storage system considerations."

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8. Virtual tape library, or VTL. For more information, see "Archiving storage systems – VTL or disk to disk."

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9. Linear Tape-Open, or LTO. For more information, see "What are the pros and cons of backup tape encryption?."

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10. Remote, or online, backup. For more information, see "Migrating customers to online data backup services."

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This was last published in March 2008

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