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Data Backup Study Guide

Storage service providers oftentimes use data backup services as a springboard for other storage-related sales and services. Test your knowledge of the data backup terms you should know with this Study Guide.

Think you know the key data backup terms? Find out, using this Study Guide to test and bolster your knowledge.

  1. This is the process of eliminating redundant data on storage devices.
    What is it?

  2. This term describes a storage environment in which all enterprise data is backed up whenever a change is made.
    What is it?

  3. This is a type of managed service in which data is duplicated in real time over a SAN.
    What is it?

  4. This is a set of pointers to data stored on a disk drive, streamlining access to the data.
    What is it?

  5. This describes the process of using a spinning read/write head and diagonal tracks to record information onto magnetic tape.
    What is it?

  6. This is a nonvolatile storage medium that relies on integrated circuits rather than magnetic or optical media.
    What is it?

  7. This is a standard for connecting hard drives to computer systems. Cables adhering to this standard are thinner and more flexible than its predecessor, and it has fewer conductors.
    What is it?

  8. This appliance-based system appears as a tape library with emulated tape drives and tape cartridges.
    What is it?

  9. This is an open-format storage technology developed by HP, IBM and Certance (now owned by Quantum).
    What is it?

  10. In this storage approach, data is frequently backed up to a remote server.
    What is it?

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