Everything you need to become a Windows 7 expert

Everything you need to become a Windows 7 expert

Now that Windows 7 has made its entry into the market, it's crucial for solutions providers to know everything there is to know about Windows 7.

SearchSystemsChannel.com offers a number of how-tos, study guides and FAQs dedicated to this popular operating system with the help of a few Windows 7 experts. Review one, two, three, four or more of these educational resources before visiting with your customers to make sure you're in the know with Windows 7.

* Microsoft Windows 7 cheat sheet
SearchSystemsChannel.com has compiled all of the information you will need and more in this Microsoft Windows 7 cheat sheet. Get a wide variety of resources that tackle set-up and installation, new features, and migrations and upgrades. Read this Microsoft Windows 7 cheat sheet and get the latest news, tips and expert videos today.

* FAQ: Windows 7 system maintenance tools
What's the most efficient way to service multiple Windows 7 system customers spread across many locations? Which Windows 7 system maintenance tools should be run and how often? Which Windows 7 system maintenance tools help resolve hardware and software problems? Learn how to keep your customers operating at an optimal level and tack on some additional services revenue.

* Top three Windows 7 system monitoring tools
Built-in Windows 7 system monitoring tools can track and analyze behavior and acquire valuable insights into the circumstances and events surrounding any arising issues. And with the unpredictable nature of computer systems, having a reliable monitoring tool in place would make your job that much easier and also help you build trust with your customers. Review the top three Windows 7 system monitoring tools that Microsoft has to offer now.

* How does Windows 7 XP Mode fit into your business?
When Microsoft developed Windows 7 XP Mode (XPM), what were they thinking? An operating system (OS) within an OS? That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. But this new feature actually does have a lot of value, and implementing it can benefit your customers and your business. Find out what business opportunities Windows 7 XPM presents and how to position yourself for the job.

* How to resolve a Windows 7 crash
No operating system is perfect and, believe it or not, Windows 7 has its flaws. But as a solutions provider, you can't let the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) stop you. Learn how to tackle the BSOD and provide troubleshooting for random crashes and freezes with quick and easy fixes to some of your customers' most persistent problems.

* Troubleshooting Windows 7 errors
Although Windows 7 has passed with flying colors so far, you will inevitably encounter a bump or two in the road. Get ahead of the game with answers to the commonly asked questions about Windows 7 errors and crashes. Make the troubleshooting process as seamless as possible with this Project FAQ to Troubleshooting Windows 7 errors today.

* Study guide: Windows 7
Windows 7 hardware requirements can cause headaches for your customers. But if you know how to take advantage of Windows 7 tools, you can ensure that your customers' systems are prepared for Windows 7 installations. Use this study guide to learn about the different options for upgrading customers to the Windows 7 operating system.