Using network assessments to understand your customer's network environment

Your customers need to have network assessments done, whether they think so or not, before you can provide networking services. In this edition of Channel Chat, we sit down with networking solution provider Atrion Networking to discuss why it uses a network assessment services requirement to understand a customer's network environment before offering any other networking services.

Not having a network assessment done before purchasing networking services is like buying a house without an inspection -- having one done protects all parties involved. Your customers need to have network assessments done -- whether they think so or not -- if they want complete networking services from their networking solution provider.

Cisco Gold Partner Atrion Networking requires network assessment services for all customers before offering any other networking services. This is to ensure that the customers are aware of any and all problems with their networks and possibly to save them money down the line by addressing the problems now. For the solution provider, it allows a full understanding of the network environment, with no nasty surprises -- just as a contractor wouldn't start building an addition on a house without blueprints and a thorough understanding of the house's structure.

In this edition of Channel Chat, we sit down with Mark Moretti, director of sales at Atrion Networking, to discuss Atrion's approach of requiring network assessment services before offering any other networking services. Mark will discuss the benefit of this process to both Atrion's customers and Atrion as a company, as well as discussing Atrion's relationship with Cisco over the past few years.

For more information on Atrion's approach, check out our blog, Changing the Channel.

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Channel Chat: Using network assessments as a prerequisite for networking services
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Atrion, a solution provider from Warwick, R.I., offers networking services to midmarket companies (250-3,000 employees) in five core networking areas: advanced systems, internetworking, managed services, security, and unified communications (UC). Atrion also takes part in Cisco's Network Assessment Program, in which Cisco funds network assessments for targeted accounts from July 2009 to July 2010 to generate deals and expand services. However, these assessments are unrelated to Atrion's assessment philosophy discussed in the podcast.

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