Speed up a HIPAA IT compliance or PCI compliance project

Compliance projects can be hard, and vendors don’t always help. In this podcast, expert Andrew Plato explains how to make clients compliant quickly.

Very often, the process of going from zero compliance to full compliance can be a long and bumpy road, for the enterprise client and for the solution provider helping them.  Whether it is a HIPAA IT compliance project, a PCI compliance project, or any other project to help a client become compliant with the regulatory standard of their industry, these projects can sometimes last two to five years. 

Technology vendors sometimes stymie the process. … They can lead companies off into projects that may only be tangentially beneficial to compliance.

Andrew Plato
Anitian Enterprise Security

But some security solution providers have developed ways to speed their clients to compliance in record time. In this podcast, Andrew Plato, president and principal consultant of Anitian Enterprise Security in Oregon, talks about the ways his company has helped clients achieve full compliance in as little as nine months, the importance of fostering a team spirit within the customer’s organization and the reason why vendors and resellers aren’t always helpful in achieving compliance.

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Bringing clients to compliance

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