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Podcast: Five reasons to move your clients to managed backup services

Backups are necessary for any company's data, regardless of size. Offering managed backup services can be profitable for you, as a solution provider, and also save your customer some money. Learn about the top five reasons to move your clients to managed backup services, from saving cash to increasing flexibility and reporting.

Backups are a crucial part of any business, protecting your client's important data from troubles ranging from simple file corruption all the way up to system rebuilding or recovery. Handling backups internally isn't always the best choice for a business -- your client may not have the time nor the expertise. Managed backup services can ensure timely protection of their data and even save them money in the process. But regardless of whether you provide those managed services yourself as part of your portfolio, or refer the work to a third party provider, why should a client shift their backup scheme? What benefits does it really offer?

In this podcast with Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Writer, you will learn about the five best reasons to move your clients to managed backup services, from saving money to increasing flexible control and reporting. Download this podcast to take on the go or listen to it at your desk.

Listen to the podcast.

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