Marketing security services: Ideas for marketing your business

Podcast: Get advice for marketing security products and services, including how much to spend on marketing, using video and talking up breaches.

With all of the well-publicized data breaches and targeted malware, clients are probably clamoring for your help.  So do you really need to invest much time or resources in marketing security services?

That’s the question that kicks off this Patrolling the Channel podcast, which features Stuart Crawford, president of Calgary, Canada-based Ulistic Inc. Crawford makes the case for continuous and creative marketing, and then provides marketing advice and ideas for security-oriented VARs, consultants and managed service providers.

Crawford begins by describing his four-prong approach to marketing for security solution providers. He also talks about a number of vexing topics, such as:

  • How to base your marketing strategy on the age and size of your business;
  • How to divide your time and resources between the four prongs of marketing;
  • How much of your revenue should be reinvested into marketing your business.

In the rest of the podcast, Crawford gives some specific ideas security solution providers can use to market their business.  These include:

  • Riding the wave of publicity surrounding a widely reported security breach;
  • Producing the right types of security videos to post on your website;
  • Creating security awards to build your business’ reputation.

The strategic advice and tactical ideas presented in this podcast can help you put together an IT services marketing plan for your business. 

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Advice and ideas for marketing IT security services

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