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Information lifecycle management for resellers

Information lifecycle management is all about making storage resources more efficient. In this podcast, Paul Franco of Zibiz Data Management explains how to determine if ILM is a good fit for your customers and how to approach an ILM project at those companies that are well-suited for the technology.

Information lifecycle management (ILM), the practice of moving data to the most appropriate storage medium based on its value to a company, can make your customers' storage resources much more efficient. But before embarking on an ILM project, find out how to determine the likely ROI of the project, as well as the key questions to ask about your customer's infrastructure and retention policies. In this podcast, Paul Franco of Zibiz Data Management sits down with to discuss these issues.

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Paul Franco is the executive vice president and chief operating officer of Zibiz Data Management, a Long Island, N.Y.-based data management services provider specializing in design, implementation and maintenance of data availability, data protection and data security solutions. Paul has a master's degree in computer science and mathematics from Polytechnic University and has 18 years of combined IT experience at Zibiz Data Management, Nortel Networks, Periphonics Corp. and Grumman Aerospace Electronics.

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