How partnerships can kick-start your cloud provider business

There are plenty of cloud computing opportunities out there, but choosing the right one can be daunting for cloud providers just starting out.

There are plenty of cloud computing opportunities out there for providers, but how can they choose the right one? It can be a daunting decision for cloud providers just starting out, and given the need to get into this market immediately, partnerships may be the way to go for this crowd.

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Join Site Editor Jessica Scarpati and News Writer Gina Narcisi as they discuss this and more in this week-in-review podcast for the week of Nov. 5, 2012, in addition to a special monthly wrap-up for October:

  • Cloud opportunities abound, but with so much competition out there, service providers like Fujitsu are partnering with more established cloud providers to increase time to market.
  • Cisco casted its support for CloudStack, a rival open source cloud platform to OpenStack originally spearheaded by Citrix. For providers eying CloudStack, Cisco could bring some much-needed networking know-how to the lesser-known project.
  • Other partnerships aren't just about time-to-market. Recent partnerships between telcos and cloud storage providers -- AT&T and IBM, CenturyLink and Nirvanix -- could help improve enterprise cloud adoption by enabling these providers to boost their own portfolios with the other's strengths.
  • Cloud computing is forcing service provider IT professionals to beef up their skillsets, but that doesn't mean all their current skills are extinct. Find out how some providers are having different teams cross train each other while other providers send new recruits straight to cloud boot camp in this two-part feature on cloud provider job skills.
  • There are two reasons to do virtual machine (VM) backups, and one of them will drive revenue. Find out how being more diligent about VM backups can be a moneymaker.
  • A recent TechTarget survey revealed the top 10 cloud services enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses want to buy. Where do your services fall?
  • Carriers are no strangers to building a lot of their own systems, but it's often done as a point of differentiation -- not desperation. When it comes to hardware and software supporting cloud services, operators say conventional vendors have failed on numerous counts.

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