Deploying Vista FAQ: Podcast with J. Peter Bruzzese

Learn more about deploying Vista for customers; download this podcast with book author J. Peter Bruzzese.


In our Vista deployment services FAQ guide, consultant and book author J. Peter Bruzzese tackles questions a consultant should ask the client before deploying Vista, as well as frequently asked questions the consultant might have while deploying Vista. In this supplemental podcast, Bruzzese takes the discussion further and provides in-depth insight into concerns such as software compatibility. Hear what he has to say about offering Vista deployment services and the Vista vs. XP debate.

Vista deployment services podcast with J. Peter Bruzzese

About the author
J. Peter Bruzzese is an independent consultant and has worked for and with Goldman Sachs, CommVault Systems and Microsoft, among other clients. He focuses on corporate training and travels frequently to speak at conferences. Peter is the author of
Tricks of the Windows Vista Masters and writes for Redmond Magazine.

This was last published in June 2008

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