Channel Chat: Using social media to reach customers

Using social media applications like Twitter is all the rage now, but how can VARs and integrators leverage the use of social media to reach customers and market themselves? In this podcast, learn how using social media like Twitter can increase brand visibility and give customers real-time company updates and a customized glimpse into a VAR's vision.

Using social media applications such as Twitter is all the rage these days. With each 140-character "tweet," any individual has the ability to send a message to thousands of readers in an instant (or even up to a million, as seen by the Ashton Kutcher/CNN battle). But how can a VAR or integrator leverage social media to increase brand visibility and improve customer communication?

In this week's edition of Channel Chat, Pete Sclafani, co-founder of 6connect, formerly of United Layer, sits down to discuss how the use of social media applications like Twitter can increase customer trust and how social media use helped him market his company's brand and vision. Pete also provides tips on using Twitter, such as drawing the line between being too stingy with information in a "tweet" and being too transparent.

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Channel Chat: Using social media to meet customers' needs
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