Channel Chat: Telepresence = robotic technology?

Telepresence is more than just high-definition videoconferencing -- it's also the use of robotic technology to enable remote work in a variety of settings.

To most channel partners, telepresence means high-definition videoconferencing on life-sized screens to enable meetings between parties that are hundreds of miles apart. But videoconferencing is only one small segment of the market. Telepresence also includes the use of robotic technology to enable employees to work remotely in a host of scenarios ranging from factories to healthcare settings.

In this edition of Channel Chat, IEEE member John Merchant, president of RPU Technology, explains how remotely controlled robotic technology can enable a doctor to do surgery on a patient thousands of miles away, or a factory foreman to control production lines in another city. Merchant, who is presenting at the RoboBusiness 2009 conference this week, explores how telepresence actually means enabling any sort of remote work using a mix of networking and robotic technologies to ultimately eliminate travel and commuting for an improved environment.

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Channel Chat: What can telepresence do for your customers?
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