Channel Chat: Ruckus channel chief talks wireless networking services

Wireless technologies are always a profitable addition to any business portfolio, and the ability to ensure efficient wireless LANs can boost customer trust in any networking solution provider. In this podcast, the director of global channel programs at Ruckus Wireless, a vendor of wireless technologies, discusses the Ruckus channel, which is the primary selling vehicle for its ZoneFlex technology. Learn about the Ruckus channel program, including how verticals fit into the Ruckus partner program, and the future of wireless networking services.

For those networking solution providers who are offering wireless networking services, wireless goes beyond just office settings. Ruckus Wireless, the wireless LAN vendor, places a heavy emphasis on offices and wireless sites of all magnitudes, including hospitals, hotels and schools. And Ruckus is also unique in that its ZoneFlex technology is sold primarily through the Ruckus channel.

In this podcast, John Sampson, director of global channel programs at Ruckus, sat down with to discuss the Ruckus channel program and why networking solution providers should consider partnering with the wireless vendor. Sampson discusses why the Ruckus channel places a strong emphasis on solutions for vertical markets, including healthcare, education and hospitality, as well as SMBs. He also discusses the future of wireless networking services, where he sees the wireless market heading in the next few years, and how the Ruckus partner program will be ready to handle whatever the future may bring.

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Channel Chat: Ruckus channel chief talks wireless networking services
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