Channel Chat: Every Nortel customer is asking: What now?

Every Nortel customer is wondering what to do with their Nortel relationship, so VoiceCon brought in a company executive to address the concerns. News editor Shamus McGillicuddy reports.

It's no secret that Nortel partners and customers alike are wondering what they should do with their Nortel relationships. After all, it's not easy to convince an enterprise to invest in a company that can't prove it will stick around to provide customer service or upgrades.

So last week, the organizers of VoiceCon made the bold decision to hold a session titled, "I'm a Nortel customer: What do I do now?" And Nortel sent an executive to answer questions. News editor Shamus McGillicuddy attended the session, where customers expressed their concerns, anger and even support for the company. In this edition of Channel Chat, McGillicuddy reports on what Nortel customers had to say.

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Channel Chat: Nortel customers speak out
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