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Solid-state/flash storage technology: Customer insight


Competing with solid-state/flash storage vendors

Source:  Christopher Seero/TechTarget
Designer: Christopher Seero

Do organizations purchase their solid-state/flash storage technology through resellers or directly from vendors?

According to our survey, customers were almost split in this regard. The majority of tech buyers (60%) said they purchased their technology through resellers, while 40% said they bought directly from solid-state/flash storage vendors.

One of the competitive advantages that resellers potentially have over vendors is an ability to provide customers with greater support. Most likely, resellers and solid-state/flash storage vendors are going to succeed in the initial implementation equally well, Crump said; but a reseller might be more available for a customer than a vendor if there's a problem with the technology six months later.

Crump pointed out that there's an opportunity for resellers to potentially create their own flash storage option. "They can leverage software-defined storage and deliver it turnkey to a customer," he said, adding that doing this requires some technical expertise, as well as the abilities to offer your own support and source the various components.

Beyond this, resellers can compete by identifying a solid-state/flash storage product that is truly differentiated, since flash technology makes many of the systems look similar, he said.

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