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Wireless network technology: Selling access points


Buyers cite access point security as most important feature

Source:  TechTarget
Designer: Christopher Seero/TechTarget

When discussing access points (APs) with your clients, your conversation might touch upon a range of product features. But which features do tech buyers value most? According to our survey results, customers place the greatest emphasis on security features, cited by 58% of respondents, when evaluating products.

While Wi-Fi has had a largely positive impact on organizations, such as greater productivity and collaboration among employees, your customers need the assurance that their networks are secure. As a trusted advisor, you should offer the security features to ensure your customers get the level of security they need.

Lisa Phifer, owner of Core Competence, named a few key access point security features that you can include in your offerings. "Every Wi-Fi-certified product supports WPA2-Enterprise authentication and encryption, but what can make a real difference is features such as user/guest management and device on-boarding that make it not just possible but feasible to require every Wi-Fi connection to be secure," she said.

The second most-cited feature following security was having dual-band multi-radio APs with MIMO [multiple input, multiple output] antennae, which 57% of respondents selected.

Cited by 40% of respondents, intelligent traffic prioritization and quality of service, remote monitoring, and guest access, were named as third-most important features, respectively.

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