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Selling VSM software: Customer priorities


Vendor selection criteria for VSM products

Source:  TechTarget

Finally, survey takers were asked to list the top three criteria they will use when choosing a virtualization systems management vendor. Cited by 51% of the respondents, price was the most-selected criterion, which may not be at all surprising. While the best VSM tools are expensive, many low-cost and free tools are available, so your customers might need to understand what they will be getting in return for the tool costs. Expensive VSM products offer a wealth of capabilities to compensate for the price tag.

Tied at 39% are reporting capabilities and integration with virtualization platform APIs. The importance of reporting capabilities suggests that customers are aware that many virtualization vendors have fallen short around reporting. Some IT professionals have complained about the built-in performance reporting of their virtualization technology. They may also seek more granular reporting abilities that offer clear, user-friendly data. As for integration with virtualization platform APIs, customers understand they need tools that will interact with their virtual infrastructure through the API provided by their hypervisor vendor. An increasing number of VSM products support a range of APIs, so be sure to highlight the level of integration your customer will receive with the tool.

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