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Selling VSM software: Customer priorities


Virtualization systems management tools: What do customers want?

Source:  TechTarget

What are the top three drivers behind your customers' new virtualization systems management tool purchase? What product features would they point to as the most important? And what criteria are they using for choosing a virtualization systems management vendor? Knowing the answers to these questions is important for developing an informed selling strategy.

During the second half of 2014, TechTarget surveyed 310 North American IT professionals involved in the decision making process for virtualization systems management (VSM) software. In the following slideshow, we will highlight several of your customers' top priorities and provide insight into their decisions surrounding VSM tool purchases.

Click on to the next slide to find out what customers ranked as the top three drivers behind their VSM tool procurement.

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What are your top three challenges for selling virtualization systems management tools?
Pricing is the biggest challenge when selling VSM tools. You have to fix a price that is above your breakeven while at the same time fixing a price that is consumer friendly. Pricing the VSM tools to high will drive customers to low cost tools. The second challenge is the mismatch between the product features and the expectations of customers. The last one is the presence of security vulnerabilities that traditional tools cant address.