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MAM and MDM software: Reseller tips


MAM products: Top-ranked capabilities

Source:  TechTarget

Finally, of the MAM features available in enterprise mobility products, file syncing, document editing and collaboration proved to be the most important capability, selected by 58% of survey respondents. As the workplace becomes increasingly mobile, collaborative tools have become widespread, and enterprises are looking to meet their employees' needs and preferences on the collaborative front. As a reseller, having the knowledge of a range of MAM products and their compatible collaboration apps could prove highly critical to your customers and help you make a sale.

Following collaboration capabilities, the ability to create an enterprise app store was also important, cited by 50% of respondents. The third-most valued feature was the ability to provide access to network resources or internal Web apps using a secure browser app, at 42%.

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Does your company plan to give more focus to the mobility market in the next 12 months?
Our company has recognized the value of increasing its focus on the mobile market. However, not all business will benefit from a mobile presence. Our focus on the mobile market began with the introduction of a new line of sump pumps. When installing a sump pump, there is a simple equation to determine the right size pump for a location.

By creating a basic mobile app that could perform this calculation, we were able to improve our consumer brand perception. In addition, the app includes a call to action on the page that shows the final calculation. This has been an excellent way for us to increase sales.
We do plan to give more focus to mobility for our internal applications, but not by developing mobile applications. Instead, we are focusing on a converting to a responsive design web-based application environment accessible from outside of the firewall. We believe that this provides a solution that allows workers to easily access the needed applications on any device from anywhere, while still leveraging the resources and their skills that we already have in-house.
We will be, but any kind of focus would be more than we're currently giving to mobile. We could benefit from supporting mobile devices for some of our products. 

As always, the issue is a lack of time and resources. The plan is to do minimal work to support mobile - make sure that applications are viewable and that they work, but they won't necessarily be pretty or have any specific mobile features.