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Spending plan trends for enterprise data protection


Planning for disaster recovery costs

The fall 2012 storage Purchasing Intentions Survey showed no major shifts around allocations for disaster recovery costs, though there is a gradual trend toward increased spending. Forty-three percent of survey respondents planned to increase their spending on disaster recovery products and services in the fall 2012 survey, compared with only 34% in the fall 2009 survey. Conversely, the percentage of respondents who were planning to decrease disaster recovery spending went down in the same time frame, from 11% in fall 2009 to only 1% in fall 2012.

The percentage of two sets of responses -- those who said they would increase spending and those who said they would maintain their spending levels -- reached 90%, the highest percentage we've ever seen in our decade of Purchasing Intentions surveys. It's a full 15 percentage points higher than in the fall 2009 survey.

This uptick in allocation for disaster recovery costs most certainly relates to server virtualization, which makes DR easier and cheaper than ever before, bringing the practice to within reach of even small companies.

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