Top cloud services enterprises and SMBs want to buy


Top cloud services, No. 5: Platform as a Service

PaaS providers still find themselves explaining PaaS application development and how it works -- hindering adoption rates as this technology's uses are not yet fully understood.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is gaining ground with enterprises and developers that want to develop their own applications using a provider's existing cloud platform. PaaS promises cheaper application development, faster deployment, a reduced need for application infrastructure administration, easier integration and more effective deployment of in-house IT resources.

Providers can use their own cloud application platforms as building blocks for developing, integrating and delivering SaaS applications or they can build revenue by selling on-demand access to their platforms to customers. The latter opportunity enables cloud providers to capitalize on their expertise in other areas of service delivery, such as billing and operations.

One reason we may see SaaS rank higher on our survey is that it requires the least amount of effort on the customer's end to get an application running, limiting overall administrative work. PaaS, comparatively, needs more manual efforts because it requires a customer to build their own applications on the provided platform.

Still, research suggests that the PaaS model offers the largest total addressable public cloud services market for providers, as it may potentially capture nearly 60% of total cloud market opportunity.

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